Disposable Helium Tank Vs Rental Helium Tank

If you are having a birthday party supplies or any type of party where balloons are part of decorations. Always the first choice will be helium balloons. Helium balloons float in the air and due to their long life in comparison with other balloons, they are preferable for parties.

But the filling of balloons with helium is the tedious and pricey job. As if pre-filled helium balloons will be purchase then they will cost around one dollar or a bit more but filling of balloons will only cost 50 cents if done by oneself at home. So for this purpose people prefer to rent a helium tank or buys disposable helium tanks.

Disposable helium tanks are easily available in the market. They come in different sizes from 20 cubic feet to 150 cubic feet. The amount of gas is directly proportional to size. One will buy small cylinder if they have to fill 30-40 balloons for conventional sizes like 9 or 11-inch balloons but if anyone has to fill 300-400 balloons then bigger size cylinders are preferable. But in case there is a bigger occasion and the number of balloons needs to be added on with frequent intervals then disposable tanks are not preferable. Most of the time people get rental helium tanks and also hire help to fill these balloons. Advantage of hiring helium tanks that it will be returned after usage and the cost of balloon filling gets more economical.

But for small parties, disposable helium tanks serve the purpose very well. They are also very safe to use. However, helium is highly inflammable gas but these tanks are designed in such a way that they will not explode under extreme conditions. Even in case of fire, these tanks are designed to release helium in such a manner that it will not catch fire. All other warnings and precautions are mentioned in the tanks. The life of gas in tanks is very long. As long as the valve of the tank intact, gas will be preserved in it and can be used at later occasions. The advantage of disposable helium tanks is also that they are mobile and can be stored in the car. So they are ideal for the outdoor occasion where helium access is not easy.

One of the disadvantages with disposable helium tanks that they are tedious to dispose of. First of all, you have to release remainder gas from the tank and then take the tank to the recycling center. Whereas hiring of helium tanks for an occasion create ease, as after filling of balloons it will be returned and the cost of gas will be paid only. No extra effort will be required to handle these tanks after their usage. So hiring a helium tank or buying a disposable helium tank have their pros and cons but a person can decide according to its usage and magnitude of the occasion.